Extender (1) (#13EX)


1 ft long


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Our extender fits all our Insulator #8bl and  Tensioners on all type of posts.

Extender base +  #BP32 Tensioner (with #BN139 bolts and nuts)

Extender base +  #BP37 or BP38 Tensioners


How to attach the HorseGuard Extender Base :

  • on Wood post you need lag bolts #LB50.
  • on metal post and T-post with hose clamps #HC 6/12/14.


Extender with #8bl Insulator on the line


Extender with #8bl Insulator on a wooden post



Extender with #BP37 Tensioner for tension posts on metal T-post installed with hose clamp #HC




Extender with #BP32 Small Tensioner. Bolts and nuts #BN139 are necessary to assemble the two parts of this tensioner


Additional information

Weight0.441 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 5 cm