Design your tape fence project

Plan your project / Technical step by step


– Measure the perimeter of area to be fenced.
– Multiply by the number of rows of tape to calculate the total length of the tape required.


– Count the number of posts to which the tape will be attached (including beginning and end of each fence line + each side of a gate + each corner).
– Then determine how many are in line vs. corners, ends or gateposts as the attachment accessories are different  (Insulators for line posts and Tensioners for the others).


– Tape Gate requirements:
One #BP37 tensioner + one #BP13 gate handle + one #BP38 springs tensioner on each side of the gate on each row of tape.

– Existing Gate requirements:
Cables need to connect each side of the gate for conductivity. They can be buried under ground protected in a hose. Each row of tape will be connected on each side of the existing gate with Tensioners.


– Power is supplied from your charger by cable to the top row of tape and then, typically, to each other row by pre-crimped 2ft. long #BP59H jumper cables, all mounted on #BP37 Tensioners.
– Our cables #28M/#28V sold per meter are used to connect your charger to the system and to run under gateways and are fastened at the ends by #BP59GM lugs with our #CRIMP59 Crimper Tool and a hammer.