HorseGuard Advantages

Since 1985 in France – Since 1987 in Europe – Since 1990 in the USA

Since 2005 in Australia – Since 2010 in Canada

International Distribution


HorseGuard electric fence tape was designed and developed by an experienced horse breeder with horse safety in mind.

34 years of intensive research and continuous improvements to our system has created a secure, aesthetic and reliable fence solution for horses of all breeds, sizes and ages.

Sold directly through our online store at factory pricing with fast delivery or pickup from our Canadian warehouse.

Proven successful and sustainable in extreme weather conditions around the world (from -40 ° C in Scandinavia to + 75 ° C in the Middle East), HorseGuard fencing can be installed permanently or temporarily and combined with existing fencing.

Properly installed and maintained, Horseguard tape can serve through all seasons for over 20 years.

Excellent conduction: 10 stainless steel wires of 26 Gauge/0.40 mm diameter on a 1.5″/4 cm wide tape.

Durable: 30 strands of UV-resistant polyethylene of 0.50 mm diameter + 2 large bumpers of 0.80 mm diameter at the edges of the tape increase its efficiency against wear (not very fragile like low quality copies).

No detail overlooked:

Our tape is woven to reduce wind resistance and our polyethylene treated against UV rays.

All metal parts are made of stainless steel to prevent rust (reducing conductivity) and our insulators are designed to keep the tape safe without bruising.

HorseGuard tape is strong (with 300 kg/660 lbs. break resistance) and built to last.

In case of fire… HorseGuard tape allows flight. Under stampede impact, HorseGuard tape does not hurt panicked horses breaching it. The danger for horses is not burning trees, but all the dry grass and the plants in their pastures.

HorseGuard customer service promptly provides free quotes, advice and installation tips.