Quote Request


Due to the increases in raw material, transport costs and the current world situation beyond our control​, we regret the need to increase our prices.
Rest assured that the quality of our products has not and will never change.
Thank you for your understanding.

    Here is a list of questions that will help us prepare a precise quote for your HorseGuard tape fence project:

    A basic sketch of your project with distances, tension posts, gates and charger locations indicated is requireed (jpg or png). Thank you in advance for your help.

    It is better to minimize the number of tape cuts, installing (if possible) the gates at corners rather than in line.
    This saves one tension post on each side of each gate.

    1. Perimeter of fence in feet including gaps if any:

    2. Number of posts (or distance between posts):

    3. Type of post (wooden, metal, fiberglass or tree):

    4. Number of row(s) of tape:

    5. Number of tensioner posts:
    (for angles /each side of a gate or gap/beginning and end of the fence)

    6. Number of existing gates (metal or wood):

    7. Where are the existing gates located: in-line or at corners?
    Number of in-line gates:
    number numinline size:5 min:0 ""]
    Number of corner gates:

    8. Size of the existing gates (in feet)?

    9. Number of HorseGuard tape gates required:

    10. Where are the tape gates in-line or at corners?
    Number of in-line tape gates:

    Number of corner tape gates:

    11. What is the distance in feet between the fence and your charger?
    (to determine cable requirements)


    Province: (required)

    12. Postal code: (required)

    Please provide a small sketch indicating: distances, tension rod positions, gates (indicating new or existing), location of energizer. We thank you in advance for providing this visual information resource that will aid in the preparation and precision of your quote.