Quote Request

    Here is a list of questions that will help us prepare a precise quote for your HorseGuard tape fence project:

    A basic sketch of your project with distances, tension posts, gates and charger locations indicated is necessary (jpg or png):
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Perimeter of fence in feet including gaps if any:

    2. Number of posts (or distance between posts):

    3. Type of post (wooden, metal, fiberglass or tree):

    4. Number of row(s) of tape:

    5. Number of tensioner posts:
    (for angles /each side of a gate or gap/beginning and end of the fence)

    6. Number of existing gates (metal or wood):

    7. Where are the existing gates located: in-line or at corners?
    Number of in-line gates:
    Number of corner gates:

    8. Size of the existing gates (in feet)?

    9. Number of HorseGuard tape gates required:

    10. Where are the tape gates in-line or at corners?
    Number of in-line tape gates:
    Number of corner tape gates:

    11. What is the distance in feet between the fence and your charger?
    (to determine cable requirements)

    12. Postal code:


    Province: (required)

    Please provide a small sketch indicating:
    - distances
    - tension rod positions
    - gates (indicating new or existing)
    - location of energizer
    We thank you in advance for providing this visual information resource that will aid in the preparation and precision of your quote.