Qui sommes-nous ?

In 1985, HorseGuard created the original electric  tape fence that transformed the concept of horse fencing. The award-winning traditional tape was designed with the horse’s safety in mind by Serge Lecacheur, an experienced European breeder.

Since the original product launch, continuous research and improvements have led to the development of revolutionary, high-quality fencing system solutions that are safe, easy to use and built to last.

Serge Lecacheur inventeur du Ruban Electrique de Clôture en 1987

Serge Lecacheur , éleveur et inventeur du ruban électrique
de clôture pour chevaux en 1985

Serge et Sandrine sa fille en charge du CanadaSerge et Sandrine sa fille, en charge de HorseGuard Canada

Sandrine Lecacheur, au service du marché Canadien


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